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Okay, let's go! How do I join?

First, please make sure we are a good fit for your family: 
  • We are not a drop off program.

  • Our classes are secular.

  • This fall, all members must wear masks inside the facility. We require vaccination against covid-19 for everyone who is eligible and able to safely get the vaccine.

  • We are a peanut and tree nut-free facility.​

  • We are a safe place for kids who are neurodivergent, LGBTQ+ or otherwise vulnerable/marginalized. 

(Our nanobots are working on creating an FAQ that will offer more detail about these policies.) There are other, high-quality co-ops in the area that allow drop offs, don't require masking or covid vaccines, allow peanut butter sandwiches, require statements of faith, and/or aren't as welcoming to gay and trans kids. We believe there's room in the market for all different approaches -- feel free to contact us for referrals.

Still here? Here is how to create your profile and register for classes:

1. Register and Create your family profile.
Your profile needs to include you, your kids and any guardian that will be in care of your child. You can do the fancy stuff like pictures and hobbies later -- for now you just need the basic information and kid profiles so you can sign up for classes.

You will receive an email when your account has been approved.

2. Sign up for the Monthly Fee.

Once your account is approved, go to our main page.  (Bookmark this page)

Log in and Click on "Registration is Open!"


Before you sign up for any classes, click on Filter Options and search for "Monthly Membership Fee" and sign one of your kids up for it.

Only one per family. Monthly debit payments will start August 29.


3. Find your classes.

Note: It may help to preview our classes here and decide which ones you're interested in before you begin. There are a LOT of classes! 

Once you're ready, click on Calendar to look for your classes. If you know what you want, use the "Registration is Open!" link to begin. To help you find your classes, click on Filter Options to search by class name, filter by kid's age, teacher, or general category (Elementary, etc)


If you want to look through the classes visually, navigate to the week of September 12 on our calendar. (Why? August is on the previous page and the Labor Day holiday messes Monday up)


It's helpful to use the Wish List as you consider classes to sign up for. 

4. Register for classes.

For each class, you'll need to review the terms, pricing, and class details. Click on Sign Up, and confirm. You should receive a pop up confirmation and an email listing your classes.



No membership payment is due until August, but please fill out your financial information today. We use Vanco as a third party payment processor. Credit card may be used for a fee, and bank account link is preferred.

The system is still being perfected! Updates and improvements are coming. Please be patient with us and offer feedback with kindness. 

Thank you so much. Incredible things lie ahead!

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